I'm a triathlete. Which is something I never thought I'd say about myself as I wasn't sporty as a child. It all started when I met my husband and became a cycling widow. I soon realised that if I didn't start cycling, I would never see him. One year later we did the Ride100 in London. A year after that, I did the London olympic distance triathlon. I planned to do a half-ironman the following year, but breast cancer scuppered that idea.

I didn't let cancer stop me training though. What follows is my sporting blog. I was initially reluctant to call myself an athlete, as I'm a 'back-of-the-pack' kind of gal, but I am an athlete, and I'm determined to get fitter than faster after cancer than I was before.

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London Classics

16 September 2017

It's fair to say I was quite tired after summer exploits, but I wasn't done. I'd seen on Twitter something called 'The London Classics'. If you have done the London Marathon, the Ride100 and a 2 mile swim in the Serpentine (basically an ironman in London on 3 separate days), you could get the mother of all medals and join the Hall of Fame. 2017 was the first year they were running it - I HAD to do it!
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