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70.3 or bust

1 April 2017

As most of you know who follow my blog, I exercised all the way through my cancer treatment, likening it to a triathlon of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. All this from the girl at school who hated sport and did anything she could to get out of it. I blame my husband - it's all it his fault. He introduced me to cycling. I was hooked, and then I discovered triathlons.

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Staffordshire 70.3

June 18th, 2017

The day had arrived for my crazy challenge. One year after finishing my triathlon of treatment for breast cancer, I was going to do a half-ironman triathlon - that's a 1.2-mile swim, followed by a 56-mile bike ride, finished off with a half-marathon. No small feat.
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Maratona 2016

Sunday 2 July, 2017

My love of the Maratona started when my husband Dermot did it in 2015, and I was jealous of the 'free' Castelli kit, the mini bottle of Prosecco and the huge medal he got. I had to do it. It's the most beautiful closed-road sportive in the Dolomites. 9000 people riding up or down mountains (there is NO flat) with stunning scenery and Italian crazy hospitality.
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Ride 100 on a Tandem

30 July 2017

You know what I said about doing two big events back to back? Well that wasn't enough, obviously! Dermot and I were planning on cycling the Ride 100 on our tandem, just 1 month after the Maratona. We first rode it in 2013 (the first Ride100) - it's a 100-mile closed road sportive that starts at the Olympic Stadium, goes through Surrey up Box Hill and Leith Hill before finishing at the Mall.
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London Classics

16 September 2017

It's fair to say I was quite tired after summer exploits, but I wasn't done. I'd seen on Twitter something called 'The London Classics'. If you have done the London Marathon, the Ride100 and a 2 mile swim in the Serpentine (basically an ironman in London on 3 separate days), you could get the mother of all medals and join the Hall of Fame. 2017 was the first year they were running it - I HAD to do it!
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