Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

It was time to start the maintenance treatment - tablets and injections that will hopefully keep any lingering cancer cells fast asleep, and keep me around for as long as possible. Taking my first Tamoxifen tablet was quite an emotional thing for me. I had to face the fear of what side effects I might get, and deal with a daily reminder that I have had breast cancer, for the next 10 years. Read More…

The triathlon is over!

Today I finished radiotherapy.

Let me say that again. Today, I finished radiotherapy! This means the end of 9 months' of hospital treatment for my breast cancer, and the end of my triathlon analogy - shame there's no medal to add to my collection. Read More…

Who needs oestrogen?

So I've completed my breast cancer triathlon, but it's not the end of the journey. My breast cancer is sensitive to oestrogen. This means that the oestrogen I produce could stimulate any remaining cancer cells to grow and spread. It was time for Operation 'Lose the Oestrogen'. I've been trying to tie this in with the triathlon analogy. The only thing I can think of is to liken it to the strength and conditioning workouts we all know we should be doing, but never get round to. Read More…

Just radiotherapy to go

I'm finally getting to the 'run' stage of my breast cancer triathlon swim/bike/run analogy - radiotherapy. Many women who have a mastectomy don't need radiotherapy. It's always given to women who have a lumpectomy, to treat the breast tissue that is left behind. In my case, because my tumour was large (131mm) and I had 3 positive lymph nodes, radiotherapy was added on after chemotherapy and surgery. Read More…

Waiting for Radiotherapy

It's been about 6 weeks since I last wrote about my recovery after surgery for breast cancer. My main problem was cording, where tight bands form just underneath the skin, running along your arm to your elbow, stopping you from moving your arm properly. I also had a black crusty scab instead of a nipple. Nice. Read More…
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