Transition time

13th November - 24th November

Suddenly it was time to go to my last chemo session. In the end, I decided to dress for comfort. It was a blustery day and I was feeling the cold, so jeans and a hoodie to keep my head warm, allow access to the port, with a zip for quick cooling for the hot flushes was the order of the day. It was Friday 13th, and I wondered whether that was bad for the cancer, or bad for me. Read More…

Reality kicks in

28th September - 5th October

After such an amazing week, with my birthday and completing the sprint triathlon, I shouldn’t have been surprised that I started to get very, very low. The reality of having cancer was slowly kicking in. Up until now, I had still been in denial - I didn’t really have cancer, I wasn’t really going to have surgery, and chemotherapy was just something I was going through.

Suddenly, I started to feel sorry for myself, and was crying in the shower. Could I not just go to sleep and wake up when everything was over? I did actually see this as a good thing. It had to happen at some point during my treatment, and I was glad it was now and not in six months’ time, when the pressure valve would have a lot more steam to release. Read More…

Chemo and a cold don't mix

5th - 26th October

I really, really didn’t want to turn up to chemo today. After scaring myself by reading blogs and forums at the weekend, I was nervous. It was a new round of chemo drugs called FEC, and I was back to not being in control. For those of you who know me, you’ll know I don’t cope well when I’m not in control.

Read More…
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