Chemo cycle 1

This was the day I was really apprehensive about. In hindsight there were a lot of questions I should have asked, either at the time of the oncology appointment 2 days before, or by ringing the specialist nurse yesterday. But there’s a bit of me that didn’t want to bother anyone. I’d done a lot of reading on the internet about what to take to chemotherapy and how long to expect to be there, and thought it was enough. Now I think it would have been good if I had been told the following things before I left the clinic. Because I only had a couple of days to get my head around the reality of it all, I hadn’t got a list of questions to take with me to the appointment. Now I make a long list every time, so I don’t forget anything.

1) What to wear
2) How long will I be there?
3) What should I bring?
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