I've just come back from a fabulous few days in Switzerland, and got to spend time with my family over Christmas. This is Dermot and I in Zurich about to have a very very good hot chocolate. And we fly off to Reykjavic today for New Year's Eve, hoping to also see the Northern Lights. Dermot has seen them sailing, and I've always been incredibly jealous. So I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the odds are in my favour. Read More…

Quantity or quality?

This time last year I was recovering from my mastectomy and reconstruction, and I still can't believe how much my life has changed in the year that followed. I have made so many amazing friends - and sadly lost a few. And my jar of joy is almost completely full.

This blog has been a lifeline for me - it's helped make my breast cancer diagnosis a reality, and from the comments that have been posted, it's been wonderful to know that I'm not alone when I talk about how I'm feeling. In fact, my blog has been nominated for a UK Blog Award. However, the only way to win is for each nominee to persuade / hassle / flood their followers' timelines with pleas to vote for them. So I'm only going to ask you once - if you'd like to vote for my blog, the link is
HERE. My blog is in the Health and Social category, which is the only option you'll see in the dropdown category. I never did this to get publicity or to win things, and it's more than enough that someone thought to nominate me.


Right, back to business.
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