APRIL 2017
Who am I?

FEB 2017
The language of cancer
Tamoxifen to prevent breast cancer
…and relax
World Cancer Day

JAN 2017

DEC 2016
Quantity or Quality
How to cope with chemo

NOV 2016
All I want is a bra
Know your rights

OCT 2016
Work and cancer
The Big Pink
Jar of Joy - My TEDx talk
Giving a TED talk - TEDx Stuttgart 2016
How to practise a TED talk
How to write a TED talk

AUG 2016
Giving something back
Macmillan sun safety tweetchat
Sun safety

JULY 2016
Let's talk about sex

APR 2016
Who needs oestrogen?
Feeling hot, hot, hot
The triathlon is over!

MAR 2016
Just radiotherapy to go
Waiting for radiotherapy
How long have I got?

FEB 2016
Knowledge is power… or is it?

JAN 2016
Recovering again
Here we go again

DEC 2015
Run and done?
Post-op recovery
Mastectomy time
Twas the night before surgery
Decisions, decisions

NOV 2015
Transition time
5 down, only 1 to go
What is a breast?

OCT 2015
FEC chemo and a cold don't mix

SEPT 2015
Reality kicks in
Run or Die Tri-ing
Cycle 3 - tired of being tired
Going to the Mensroom

AUG 2015
Mystery shopping
Cycle 2 - not quite as TAXing
Cycling to cycle 2 of chemo
The 'good' week
Hair today…
Turning the corner
Neutropaenic sepsis…?
Days 5-7 after chemo
Days 1-4 after chemo

JULY 2015
Chemo cycle 1
Information overload
The aftermath
The waiting game
What learning curve?
It will be fine


What you need to survive chemo
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